Tucson Tax Preparation Services


Personal Taxes

As an individual, you are responsible for paying taxes on any income that is earned. Tax laws change constantly making it difficult to stay current with the latest laws. Our friendly staff has the knowledge and experience to make filing your personal taxes easy and will get you the most out of your tax return. We can help you with any question or concerns you may have and help you understand your tax situation.

Business Taxes

From the small start up to the growing corporation, keeping your business running smoothly requires tax planning and preparation. Let us take care of your tax preparation and free up your time!


Sales, purchases, income, and payments must be recorded and can add up quickly. Our staff will take the headache out of organizing and recording your financial transactions.


Processing paychecks for employees has never been easier! We offer our payroll services to businesses both large and small.

Immigration Services

DACA, DREAMers, resident green cards, citizenship processing, & green card replacement services are all offered here at Southwest Tax Associates in Tucson, Arizona.

Auto Title Loans

Our low interest auto title loans are available to vehicle owners whether your car is leased or you own the title

Legal Document Preparation

Filing legal documents can be a daunting task. Our professionals will eliminate the guesswork and make sure everything is in order, making the process run smooth and stress free.

Traducciones al Español

Podemos ayudarle a entender el documento con precisión y rapidez. Nuestros traductores se dan cuenta de la importancia de comprender todos los detalles que figuran en los documentos legales con el fin de que el proceso sea lo más fácil posible.

Notary Service

If you need a document notarised, then stop by our office and we’ll get it all sorted out for you.

LLC & Incorporation Services

Call or e-mail us for more information regarding our LLC & incorporation services.

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